Herbert W. Franke

Science Art

Science Art is to understand as twilight zone of art on the borderline to natural science and mathematics. In natural science and mathematics often is given the purpose, to transform objects - microscopic surfaces, oscillations, potential fields and so on - into pictures and sounds. It was early noticed that some results has remarkable aesthetic qualities, this suggests to look at it from the point of view of art. This effect is particularly strong where by means of scientific photography visual spaces were opened, never seen before by the human eye. So the fascination of the visual impressions was a challenge for changing the goals: not more the scientific knowledge has the priority, but the extension of the field of aesthetically interesting forms and structures. It means a noteworthy approach to art that some scientific instruments are converted so that they become independent instruments for artistic creation. A very interesting area of the Science Art is that on the basis of mathematics; since the existence of computer graphic systems it has made a progressive development. It is possible to regard the programs - including the mathematical formulas - as new type of graphical notation. The method of computer graphics make it possible to work with animated pictures also in an interactive way - a new challenge for the visual art.